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Malaysian Badminton Network history- “SOCIAL is the our main emphasize”


Malaysian Badminton Network (MBN) is a Facebook group which was created on 4th June 2009 by DyLan Lee Tek Loong. With 3 weeks time, our members increase dramatically from 0 to 500. It shows that Malaysian do love badminton very much. It members would be increasing exponentially with the use of internet and social media like Facebook.


What does it indicates? Badminton is also a hot market in Malaysia.


MBN is the biggest badminton network in Malaysia to gather all badminton lovers (including professional, intermediate, amateur and social badminton players). It serve as a network for all badminton lovers to share their thoughts, opinions, skills and. It also serves as a place to gather all Malaysia badminton lovers to discuss about the current badminton development and latest issue regarding badminton.


Besides, MBN serves as a place for the young and the old to enhance and expand their social cycle. “People of the same kind flock together”, it does not mean the old play with old and young play with young. Too, it does not mean that professional players mix together and abandon the amateur players. It means that people who like badminton should flock together regardless of age. There are many tournaments where age serves as an obstacle that holds badminton players back from participating in the tournaments. In Malaysian Badminton Network, there would be no age discrimination. Everyone would be the same regardless of skill, age, technique or status. With the event organized by MBN, everyone can have a taste on the excitement of participating in badminton tournament.


Lastly, it is a place to provide badminton lovers with latest news such as the coming badminton super series, newest badminton racket etc.


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